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Bathroom accessories can be both functional and luxurious. Since you spend time in the bathroom every day, why not get bathroom accessories that are best for you? BIOS Medical is a bathroom accessories manufacturer. Our products make your time in the bathroom a pleasure.

Bathroom accessories that are functional and different 

Need bathroom accessories in Canada? BIOS Medical offers bathroom accessories that are functional and different. There are many to choose from, and we highlight only a few. 

  • The Tube Squeezer is practical for people with limited dexterity and hand strength. Place the tube inside the tube squeezer. When you need toothpaste, turn the thumb rotator screw. This product stands on suction cup feet for good grip. The maximum tube size that fits into the tube squeezer is 2”/5 cm. 
  • The Water Glow LED Shower Head uses coloured lights to indicate water temperature. The colours are green, blue, red and flashing red to indicate cool water to very hot water. An internal turbine powers the LED’s. This showerhead has a built-in water saver and is easy to install. 

Luxurious bathroom accessories made from 100 percent bamboo 

Do you want bathroom accessories that are luxurious, functional and environmentally friendly? Then our 100 percent natural bamboo products are for you. We offer a series of bamboo products that include a foot brush with a pumice stone, body brush, shower crate mat, shower caddy and bathtub caddy. 

The bathtub caddy is extendable to fit the width of a bathtub. It has phone and wine glass holders, and notches to allow various reading positions. The foot brush and body brush have 100 percent pig bristles. 

BIOS Medical is a bathroom accessories manufacturer in Canada. We have been taking care of Canadians for over three generations. Does your home need bathroom accessories? Buy bathroom accessories online from BIOS Medical today.