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Transport chairs are light-duty mobility aids for short-term use. They are often used in hospitals for moving patients but are just as convenient to use at home. Are you searching for transport chairs in Canada? BIOS Medical is a transport chair manufacturer in Canada.

Transport chairs for short-term use

Transport chairs are light. They are easy to move and comfortably fit into the boot of a standard car when folded.  BIOS Medical offers the Transport Chair.  

The Transport Chair has a durable, lightweight aluminum frame. Its easy-to-use collapsible design makes the chair a comfortable fit in most vehicles. The chair is also easy to store. The seat is easy-to-clean and stain-resistant. Features include a seatbelt, leg and hand straps, padded armrests and detachable fold-away footrests. The transport chair weighs 26 lbs/11.8 kgs and has 8” front and rear MAG wheels.

Is there a difference between transport chairs and wheelchairs? 

There are quite a few differences between transport chairs and wheelchairs. One of the main differences is that transport chairs must be pushed, while wheelchairs can be controlled by the person seated in the chair. Other differences are:

  • Wheel size: the back wheels of transport chairs are small compared to those of wheelchairs. The back wheels of wheelchairs are large because the person using the chair must move it around by hand.
  • Length-of-use: wheelchairs are used for longer periods compared to transport chairs. Transport chairs are ideal for one to three hours while wheelchairs can be used the whole day. 
  • Comfort: wheelchairs can be adapted for comfort as they are often used for long periods. This could include extra padding, quality cushions for the seat or back and a reclining function.
  • Outdoor surfaces: transport chairs are not made for use on outdoor surfaces. Wheelchairs can be adapted for more extensive outdoor use like going to the beach or various sports.

BIOS Medical has been taking care of Canadians for over three generations. We are a transport chairs manufacturer and accept payment via PayPal, GPay and ShopPay. Buy transport chairs online from BIOS Medical today.