How to take your blood pressure

How to Take Reliable Blood Pressure Measurements

Your blood pressure can vary based on numerous factors, physiological conditions, and your surroundings.

Follow these guidelines below to obtain accurate/reliable and error-free measurements of your blood pressure and pulse rate:

1. Measure at the same time each day to ensure comparable data.  In the morning before breakfast, 2 hours after dinner, before taking medication.

2. Empty your bladder (if necessary).
3. Avoid coffee and smoking within the hour, no exercise 30 minutes before measuring.
4. Rest quietly for 5 minutes.  Remain calm and quiet while the measurement is in process.
5. Do not speak while taking the measurement.
6. Take measurements on the non dominant arm.
7. Sit with legs uncrossed so as not to restrict blood flow.
8. Sit with back supported and measurement arm resting on a table.  Sit with feet flat on the floor.
9. Place the cuff at the midpoint on the upper arm, approximately 2 – 3 cm above the elbow. The hose should be in-line with the brachial artery.
10. Ensure that the cuff is level with the heart while the arm is supported on the table.