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Blood Pressure:
  1. Proper Cuff Placement & Measurement Techniques for Blood Pressure use: Full Length: WATCH
  2. Precision Series 10.0 Blood Pressure Monitor Promotional video:  Full Length: WATCH 
  3. Proper Wrist Blood Pressure Placement & Techniques: Full Length: WATCH

Fever Thermometers:

  1. BIOS Precisiontemp App Tutorial: Full Length: WATCH
  2. 240DI BIOS Precisiontemp Ear Thermometer Promotional Video: Full Length: WATCH
  3. 240DI BIOS Precisiontemp Ear Thermometer Promotional Video 2: Full Length: WATCH
  4. 285DI BIOS Temp Scanner Non-Contact Thermometer Teaser Video: WATCH

Home Healthcare Products:

  1. 62003 BIOS Living Compression Pump Testimonials: Full Length: WATCH
  2. LF848 Bed MadeEZ® Mattress Lifter How-to-video: Full Length: WATCH
  3. LF322 MedReady System Instructional Video: Full Length: WATCH


  1. LF388 One Touch Can Opener Video: Full Length: WATCH


  1. Using Liftware: Mild Tremor: Full Length: WATCH
  2. Using Liftware: Moderate Tremor: Full Length: WATCH
  3. Using Liftware: Severe Tremor: Full Length: WATCH


  1. 56092 BIOS Glider Instructional Video: Full Length: WATCH
Pulse Oximeter:
  1. MD300C20 Pulse Oximeter: Full Length: WATCH


  1. 00017/00014 Wearsafe, Meet Wearsafe Video: Full Length: WATCH
  2. 00017/00014 Wearsafe, Wearsafe Audio Advantages Video: Full Length: WATCH
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