Aids to Daily Living Instruction Manuals

Welcome to the BIOS Medical support center. Here you will find log books and user manuals for all your BIOS products. Can't find what you are looking for? Please contact our knowledgeable and helpful customer service Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm, and they will be happy to help you find what you are looking for! 1-866-517-2970  

In this section you will find product instruction manuals from the following product categories:

Bedroom Aids:
LF834 Shake-n-wake Alarm: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Living LF838 Bed Rail: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Living LF844 Overbed Table: DOWNLOAD
Dressing Aids:
BIOS Living 57032 Sock Aid: DOWNLOAD
Exercise Therapy:
BIOS Living 57040 Hot/Cold Wrap: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Living 57044 Hot/Cold Ball: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Living 333FC Fitness Tracker: DOWNLOAD 
BIOS Living 335FC Digital Pedometer: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Living LF974 Stepper: DOWNLOAD
Household Aids:
BIOS Living 57106, 57107, 57109 Heated Throws: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Living 59071 Light for Seasonal Affective Disorder: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Living 59072 Jumbo Light for Seasonal Affective Disorder: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Living 59081 Personal Water Fountain: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Living LF105 Tape Dispenser: DOWNLOAD 
BIOS Living LF356 2-in-1 Step Stool Ladder with Trolley: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Living LG501 Heavy Duty Foot Stool with Handle: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Living SC419 Luggage Scale: DOWNLOAD
One Touch™ Can Opener LF388: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Living LF324 Pharmaclock: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Living LG604 Reminder Rosie: DOWNLOAD
Personal Care:
BIOS Living 57064/57065 Heating Pad: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Living LF308 Massaging Hot Water Bottle Cover: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Living LF323 Eye Ease: DOWNLOAD
Wearsafe 00010/00017: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Professional Products:
BIOS Professional 119 Fridge/Freezer Vaccine Thermometer: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Professional 120SC Premium Vaccine Thermometer: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Living 124SC Vaccine Datalogger: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Professional 300SC Thermocouple Kit: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Professional 599SC Digital/Analog Kitchen Scale: DOWNLOAD 
BIOS Professional 600SC Slim Digital Portion Control Scale: DOWNLOAD
BIOS Professional 601SC Digital Portion Control Scale: DOWNLOAD