Water Glow LED Shower Head

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Hate to get cold ware on you when you step into the shower?  Want to make sure the water temperature is just right to avoid scalding?  The WATER GLOW LED Shower Head makes your shower safer while providing the soothing ambiance of different colour LED Lights.


  • Visually avoid freezing or scalding water
  • Internal turbine powers LEDs, no batteries needed
  • Easy to install
LED Light Temperature range
Green 89.6ºF / 32ºC or below
Blue 89.7ºF - 105.8ºF /  32.1ºC -  41ºC
Red 105.9ºF - 113ºF /  41.1ºC -  45ºC
Red and Flashing 113ºF / 45ºC and above 



  • Built-in water saver
  • Instructions

Model: LG441