LH514 bed Ladder being used

Bed Ladder

  • $49.99

Enables people with paralysis and/or general weakness to pull themselves up to a sitting position in bed. Its rings are made of rigid plastic and are strung at 7” / 18 cm intervals along a rope. Rungs have smooth plastic end caps. The rope is looped at the end for a secure hold.

Note: This ladder is not designed for climbing.


  • Handle: 7½” / 19 cm
  • Length: 117” / 297 cm


  1. The rope ladder is made of a single strand of rope. If your bed has a cross rail, tie the end loop of rope around it.
  2. If your bed is of a different design, cut the rope at the center of the loop and tie each end to an available rail.
  3. If it is necessary to tie the rope to the front legs or bedposts, cut the rope loop at the center and knot each end. Then tie on the required length of extra rope (such as clothesline) so that it can be tied to the legs or bedposts.

Model: LH514