Press Release - BPiQ App - March 23, 2022

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March 23rd, 2022
For Immediate release

We thank you all for your continued patience and support of our BPiQ App while we respond to Googles recent platform changes.

Recently Android released their latest software: Android 12. This was a very significant update and unfortunately, some of the updates have impacted some functionalities of our BPiQ App, requiring us to adjust the App to conform. For more information on the Android 12, you can visit the Android Dashboard here;

The Android 12 version did update aspects of Bluetooth connectivity, App permissions, App privacy, as well as many other Android functions. As some of the Android functions like Bluetooth Connectivity are major functionalities for our App, the update did cause some conflicts. Even with our extensive Beta testing, after the App went LIVE for download, customers started experiencing issues. 

Here are some updates to help you:

Android 12 Users:

  1. Users of Android 12, at this time our BPiQ App is compatible with Android 6-11. We hope to have an updated BPiQ App for Android 12 released to users soon. Please keep an eye out on our website, e-blasts, and social media for updates.

Android 6-11 Users:

  1. Users of Android 6-11, at this time we are waiting on Google to approve the latest version of the BPiQ. Currently, the version on the Google Play Store will function for users with Android 6-11 but some are experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues and cannot download readings into the App.

    a) Once the new update is LIVE we do suggest exporting your data out of the BPiQ App BEFORE updating the App. This is on the off chance there are any issues and your previous data becomes lost. This does not happen often, but we want to warn users to be proactive.

  2. Please keep an eye out on our website, e-blasts, and social media for updates.

Our team is working diligently to adjust the App so users can continue to use BPiQ as intended.

I thank you again for your patience and understanding. This has been a frustrating situation for all of us, but we expect to resolve all issues shortly.


Mark Beaton
Senior Vice President