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So What Is A Muscle Knot?
A trigger point is a “knot” in the muscle that can be the size of a pin head, small pea, macaroni noodle - even a small pickle. This little knot of contracted muscle fibers can be the source of an amazing amount of pain because these little fibers are contracted so tightly, they’ve forgotten how to relax - cutting of f blood and
oxygen to the area.

Muscle Knots “Refer” Pain
The pain you feel is often NOT in the location of the muscle knot. This means that the bottom of your foot might hurt (referred pain), but the muscle knot is in your calf. You might not even know you have a muscle knot until you apply pressure. But make no mistake, when you press on one with just the right amount of pressure, it can make you laugh and cry at the same time because it can “hurt so good”.

The Science And Research Behind Trigger Points Began More Than 165
Years Ago.
A trigger point is what most people refer to as a “knot” in the muscle. Janet G. T ravell, M.D. (1901-1997) and David G. Simons, M.D. (1922-2010) are the pioneers of trigger point research. Through this research, it is believed that
approximately 70-85% of ALL pain is r elated to muscle knots either directly or indirectly.

Self-Help Muscle Compression
Self-help Muscle Compression is beneficial to increasing blood flow and nutrition to the muscles and other tissues, restoring normal function and increasing range-of-motion. There are many tools that can help you work out Knot Spots, including the Tiger Tail® Portable foam roller. The Tiger Tail foam roller helps relieve sore muscles and speed muscle recovery while helping reduce stress and tension in the muscles. Designed for self-help muscle knot release, the
Tiger Tail family of tools ultimately make the job a whole lot easier and faster.