Collection: Mobility

Mobility aids are used by people with injuries, disabilities or mature adults at risk of falling. Their use promotes independence, increased confidence and reduced pain. Are you looking for mobility aids in Canada? BIOS Medical is a mobility aids manufacturer in Canada.    

Mobility aids available from BIOS Medical 

Mobility aids are empowering. They allow freedom of movement and the opportunity to go out with friends and family. BIOS Medical offers several mobility aids for your use. 

  • Canes: Canes should be chosen based on whether they are needed for general support or stability.  Set it at the correct height and replace the tip regularly. 
  • Crutches: Need to feel stable and secure moving around after an accident or operation?  Try the aluminum crutches or iWalk3.0™.
  • Mobile accessories: Mobile accessories are used to individualize mobility aids or make them more comfortable. They are also used for the maintenance of mobility aids. 
  • Mobility cushions: Mobility cushions are designed to give users support and comfort while in a wheelchair. Want a fun reversible wheelchair cushion or Pressure-EZ™ Gel Cushion? Try both.
  • Rollators: Want a rollator with a seat to help you balance when moving around? Choose the BIOS Living Glider Plus Rollator or Wheelzahead Rollator. Both have folding frames.
  • Transport chairs: Transport chairs are often used in hospitals to move patients but are just as convenient to use at home. Buy transport chairs from BIOS Medical for home use.
  • Walkers: Walkers are mobility aids for people that can walk but need some assistance. Try the BIOS Living Deluxe Folding Walker with Wheels or Bios Living Folding Walker.
  • Wheelchairs: Wheelchairs are needed when walking is difficult or impossible due to disability, old age, illness or injury. BIOS Medical has standard and bariatric wheelchairs.

BIOS Medical has been taking care of Canadians for over three generations. We are a mobility aids manufacturer and accept payment via PayPal, GPay and ShopPay. Buy mobility aids online from BIOS Medical today.