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Crutches provide temporary support if you need to take the weight off one or both legs. Need to feel stable and secure when moving after an accident or operation? BIOS Medical is a crutches manufacturer in Canada.

Buy crutches for temporary support

Crutches are mobility aids that transfer weight to the upper body from the legs. Need crutches in Canada? BIOS Medical has just the crutches for you.

  • Aluminum crutches are lightweight. They have a push-button for easy height adjustment and jumbo contoured crutch tips for excellent traction. The aluminum crutches come in three height options. 
  • Need replacement crutch tips, grips or underarm pads? Buy them from BIOS Medical online. 
  • The iWalk3.0™ is an alternative to conventional crutches and knee scooters for below-the-knee injuries. It is hands-free and height adjustable with quick-release buckles. The patented foot is offset to the outside for more stability. 

Crutches must be the correct height and fit

Crutches must be the correct height and fit for the user. It will prevent painful ribs and hands, shoulder pain and discomfort under the arms. What should you do to get the correct height and fit? 

Stand up straight while wearing shoes. Put the crutches under your arms and let your arms hang down over the crutches. There should be 2-3 finger widths between your armpit and the top of the crutch. The hand grips should be at wrist level. 

How to avoid shoulder pain from using crutches

If you feel shoulder pain when using crutches, you are letting the tops of your arms do most of the work. Distribute the work evenly between your upper body, arms, and hands. 

BIOS Medical has been taking care of Canadians for over three generations. We are a crutch manufacturer and accept payment via PayPal, GPay, and ShopPay. Buy crutches online from BIOS Medical today.