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Getting a good night’s rest improves your quality of life. Bedroom aids from BIOS Medical can contribute to this by making your bedroom a safe and comfortable place to be. For a great bedroom aids manufacturer, look no further than BIOS Medical. 

Bedroom aids for a safe and comfortable bedroom 

For bedroom aids in Canada, BIOS Medical offers multiple products. We highlight a few.

The BIOS Living Exercise Tracker is worn on your wrist and includes a sleep tracker. It has a sports mode, synchronises to Apple Health and Google Fit, counts steps and calories. The My Fit Log App provides details of heart rate zones. 

Ergonomically designed, the Bed MadeEZ® mattress lifter holds the mattress in a raised position while you tuck in your bed linens. This alleviates neck and back strain. The mattress lifter can be inserted using one or two hands.

Assista-Rail™ is an “inverted U” style bed rail for home beds. It is ideal for moving from a lying to a sitting position in bed and at the bedside. Made from heavy-gauge steel it is nevertheless easy to install. Just slide it between the box spring and mattress.

How to make your bedroom a great place to sleep 

What can you do to make your bedroom a great place to unwind and sleep? Give attention to the following:

  • The colour scheme of your bedroom should be soft, warm and calming.
  • Design the layout to be practical with a clear path to the bathroom.
  • Visual clutter can generate stress. Reduce clutter every day.
  • Use a white noise machine if external noises disturb your sleep.
  • A bedroom that smells nice promotes sleep.
  • Keep your bedroom temperature comfortable and let fresh air in. 
  • A comfortable mattress and good pillows are necessary for quality sleep.

BIOS Medical is a bedroom aids manufacturer in Canada. We accept payment via PayPal, GPay and ShopPay. Buy bedroom aids online from BIOS Medical today.