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Rollators are meant to help you keep your balance when moving around. Because rollators have four wheels, their mobility allows you to spend quality time with family on all kinds of terrain. Looking for rollators in Canada?  BIOS Medical is a rollators manufacturer in Canada. 

Rollators for freedom of movement 

Rollators don’t require lifting as walkers do, simply move forward in a smooth motion. Though they are slightly heavier than walkers, the wheels provide more freedom of movement. Rollators are not intended to bear your weight, only to help with balancing. 

BIOS Medical rollators have built-in seats offering an easy way to rest for a short while. Here are some rollators to choose from.

  • The BIOS Living Glider Plus Rollator is compact and sturdy but folds easily into a convenient travel bag. It has lockable brakes, 8”/20cm wheels and weighs only 15.9 lbs/7.2 kg. The padded seat and backrest are comfortable. Added features include a cane holder, detachable LED safety light and shoulder bag. 
  • The Wheelzahead Rollator is a compact folding frame and loaded with convenient features. It has eight reflectors for better visibility and locking front castors. These castors prevent the wheels from swiveling. 

It has a serving tray, padded backstrap with name card holder, cane holder, LED mobility safety light, shoulder bag, utility bag and travel bag. The Wheelzahead Rollator weighs 16 lbs/7.25 kg.

Rollators’ maintenance products for you

Mobility aids such as rollators can become a safety risk if they are not maintained. Here are some rollators maintenance products available from BIOS Medical.

  • Replacement rollator right-hand and left-hand brake assembly
  • 8” Front wheel and back wheel for folding rollators
  • Rollators backrests for models A021, BD749 and BD743
  • Folding rollators wheel bearings.
  • Seat brackets, safety locks and adjustment knobs for folding rollators.
BIOS Medical has been taking care of Canadians for over three generations. We are a rollators manufacturer and accept payment via PayPal, GPay and ShopPay. Buy rollators online from BIOS Medical today.