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If you struggle with bending, stooping or leaning over to reach something, reachers are a great tool to use. Do you have arthritis and need assistance with daily tasks? BIOS Medical is a grabbers and reachers manufacturer in Canada and has practical products for your use. 

In a report on volunteering by Statistics Canada, mature adults contributed the most formal volunteer hours of all generations. If you are a volunteer and pick up litter in the park or on the beach, a long-handled reacher is just what you need.  

Reachers make daily tasks easier 

There comes a time when getting onto a stepladder or reaching down for something is not as easy as it used to be. Reachers are a practical living aid to maintain your independence. Here are some heavy duty reachers or long-handled reachers if you are a mature adult, have arthritis or motor neurone disease, or if you like to volunteer.

  • The BIOS Living Heavy Duty Reach and Grip consists of high-quality lightweight aluminum and rotates 360 degrees. It works like an extension of your arm, and with minimum finger flexing, will pick up small and large items. Extra-wide jaws with suction cups help you keep a sturdy hold on objects. Length: 34”/86 cm.
  • The Reach-N-Grip consists of lightweight aluminum and picks up small items with minimal finger flexing. It has a jaw with a rubberized, textured surface to maintain a sturdy hold on objects. The magnetic tip effortlessly retrieves metal objects. The Reach-N-Grip comes in two lengths: 26”/66 cm and 32”/81cm.
  • The Folding Reacher folds down and can be discreetly carried in your purse, pouch or rollator basket. It has a 2.5”/6cm magnetic opening and interlocking tips to pick up small items with minimal finger flexing. Folded length: 14½”/37 cm. Full length: 26”/66 cm.

BIOS Medical has been taking care of Canadians for over three generations. Looking for reachers in Canada? Buy reachers online from BIOS Medical today.