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Bedpans, urinals and commodes are a necessity for anyone with mobility issues. If you struggle to get to the toilet because you are bedridden, had surgery or experience general physical weakness, maintaining your dignity is essential. BIOS Medical is a bedpans, urinals and commodes manufacturer in Canada.


Going to the toilet is taken for granted by people of all ages. Until, for various reasons, you cannot use a standard toilet and need bedpans, urinals and commodes. BIOS Medical offers commodes, bedpans and urinals for use in different circumstances. Here are some examples.   

  • The Deluxe Commode easily converts from a commode to a raised toilet. It comes complete with a durable plastic seat and form-fitting cover. The Deluxe Commode has a weight capacity of 300 lbs/136 kg. Purchase commode liners and a replacement commode bucket separately. 
  • When getting in and out of bed is challenging, the Male Urinal with Female Attachment is especially helpful for bed-ridden patients. An attachment easily converts the male urinal for female use. It is made from easy-to-clean plastic.
  • The Comfort Pan replaces both the pontoon and fracture pan. It has a low ½”/1 cm rim at the seat area, and the design offers a comfortable and flexible seat that cradles the hips. The Comfort Pan has a weight capacity of 1,200 lbs/544 kg. It is latex-free and autoclavable. 


Need commodes in Canada, but want a chair that serves a dual commode, shower purpose? BIOS Medical has three sizes available, all made from aluminum. The 20”/51cm aluminum tilt shower and commode chair have 24”/60cm rear wheels with locking casters. The other two shower and commode chairs are 20”/51cm and 18”/46cm alternatively. 

BIOS Medical has been taking care of Canadians for over three generations with bedpans, urinals and commodes. We are a bedpans, commodes and urinals manufacturer. Are you struggling with mobility issues and cannot get to the toilet? Buy bedpans, urinals and commodes online from BIOS Medical today.