Collection: Bathroom Aids

Bathroom aids are an effective way to make your everyday life easier. BIOS Medical is a bathroom aids manufacturer in Canada. To make you feel safe but maintain your independence and dignity, BIOS Medical offers the following bathroom aids to choose from.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories can be both functional and luxurious. From the tube squeezer for people with limited dexterity to the water glow LED shower head. To add a touch of elegance to your home, buy our range of 100 percent natural bamboo products.

Bathroom safety products and equipment 

Bathroom safety is essential as bathrooms have the potential to cause trips, slips and falls. Get our extensive range of bathroom safety products. If you like to travel, the 5-in-1 Mobility & Bathroom Aid with a black tote bag is just what you need.  

Bathroom scales

Bathroom scales are about healthy weight management. We offer digital scales in various colours as well as analog bathroom scales. Choose a retro mechanical scale or the BIOS Living ultra-slim electronic glass scale for your home. 

Bath stools and bath benches

Use bath stools and bath benches when you are worried about falling in the bath or slipping in the shower. After all, taking care of personal hygiene is about taking care of yourself.

Bedpans, urinals and commodes

Bedpans, urinals and commodes are a necessity for anyone with mobility issues. Try our commodes, urinals and bedpans products if you cannot use a standard toilet. Our shower and commode chairs also serve a dual purpose. 

Grab bars

Assistive devices such as grab bars may prevent falls if properly used and safely maintained. We offer chrome grab bars that must be permanently screwed into a wall and various types of suction cup grab bars. 

BIOS Medical has been taking care of Canadians for over three generations. We are a bathroom aids manufacturer and accept payment via PayPal, GPay and ShopPay. Need bathroom aids in Canada? Buy bathroom aids online from BIOS Medical today.