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Glass Lithium Body Fat Scale

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Bathroom scales are often associated with a feeling of anxiety. But weight management is not only about fitting into the latest fashion. It is also about being healthy with the potential of living a joyful, active life. 

Physical activity and healthy eating contribute to positive weight management. The next time you get onto a weight scale, choose to think differently. Here's some expert information from an expert bathroom scale manufacturer in Canada. 


BIOS Medical is a bathroom scales manufacturer in Canada. We offer digital scales in various colours as well as analog bathroom scales. Here are some examples. 

  • The Jumbo Digital Display Scale has a sturdy, tempered glass platform with an extremely large LCD screen. It carries a weight capacity of 550 lbs/250 kg. The blue backlight design of the LCD screen also caters to the vision impaired.
  • The Premium Analog Scale has an easy to read 7”/17.7 cm dial face. Of solid steel construction, it has an easy to clean non-slip platform. It carries a weight capacity of 330 lbs/150 kg.
  • Feel like something retro for your home? The Retro Mechanical Scale has a retro chrome-trimmed dial face with large block numbers. It has a solid steel base, anti-slip coated platform and carries a weight capacity of 280 lbs/127 kg.


The BIOS Living Bamboo Digital Scale has a natural texture that adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom décor. Bamboo is strong, and this scale with its super slim design, has a weight capacity of 396 lbs/180 kg/24 St. The BIOS Living bamboo digital scale is equipped with a high-precision strain gauge sensor system.

BIOS Medical has been taking care of Canadians for over three generations as a bathroom scale manufacturer in Canada. We are a bathroom scales manufacturer in Canada. Buy bathroom scales online from BIOS Medical today.