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Bamboo Bath Stool

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Are you struggling to maintain personal hygiene? Use shower stools and bath benches when you are worried about falling in the bath or slipping in the shower. BIOS Medical sells bathroom stools and benches in Canada. 

Shower stools and bath benches for improved safety 

Many safety solutions are available to prevent getting hurt in the bath. One such solution is washing in comfort while using a bath stool or bench. Why not use bath stools or bath benches in the shower? Here are only a few of the products offered by BIOS Medical. 

  • The Adjustable Bath/Shower Stool is ideal for use in small showers and bathtubs. It has lightweight aluminum legs that are rust-resistant and flare to prevent tipping. 
  • The BIOS Medical Folding Bath Chair with Armrests comes standard with a height-adjustable/removable padded seat. It also has a padded back and padded flip-up arms. The aluminum frame makes this folding bath chair maintenance free and light to transport. It even has a carry handle moulded into the backrest.

Natural bamboo shower stool and bath bench 

The Bamboo Bath Stool and Bamboo Shower Bench are made of 100 percent natural bamboo and are moisture resistant. The Bamboo Bath Stool has aluminum legs that extend up to 20”/50cm with large suction cup feet for extra stability. The Bamboo Shower Bench has a storage shelf below the seat. It can be used in the shower or as a bathroom accessory. 

Why is it important to take care of personal hygiene? 

Taking care of personal hygiene is about taking care of yourself. It increases self-confidence and has a positive impact on personal relationships. You will feel confident socializing or going to the shops. It also keeps you healthy by preventing diseases from spreading. 

BIOS Medical has been taking care of Canadians for over three generations. We are a bathroom stools and benches manufacturer. Do you need to feel safer while taking a shower or bath? Buy bath stools and bath benches online from BIOS Medical today.