Your Guide to Choosing the Best Shower Bath Chair, Stool, or Bench

Bathing and showering are tasks most people carry out with ease every day. But for some, due to various physical conditions, age, or post-surgery, this seemingly straightforward task can prove challenging and potentially risky. That's where shower bath chairs come into play, turning a challenging task into a simple, safe, and comfortable experience.

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Choosing the best shower bath chair involves considering factors like design, comfort, stability, and the specific needs of the user. Here we highlight the benefits of using shower stools and benches and how to choose the best one for your needs.

Benefits of Using a Shower Stool and Bench

Improved Safety

The primary benefit is enhanced safety. The risk of slips and falls is significantly reduced when a person can sit while showering.

Comfort and Convenience

Shower chairs offer a comfortable and convenient way to bathe. Users can sit down while washing, reducing the fatigue associated with standing for extended periods.


For individuals who require assistance when bathing, shower chairs can provide an added level of independence.

Rehabilitation Aid

Shower chairs are helpful for individuals recovering from surgery or an injury, enabling them to bathe without exerting undue stress on their bodies.

Different Types of Shower Chairs

Shower chairs come in different types to suit individual needs. It's essential to understand these variations to make an informed decision.

Shower Chair with Back

These chairs resemble standard chairs, with a backrest providing additional support and stability. They are perfect for those who need extra support or have difficulty maintaining balance. They are often adjustable in height and come with rubber feet for increased stability.

Shower-Commode Chair

The shower-commode chair is a multi-purpose chair that can be used both for showering and toileting. This dual functionality is highly beneficial for individuals with severe mobility issues, eliminating the need for transfers between different pieces of equipment. Some models come with wheels for easy movement and locks for added safety.


Shower stools are compact, making them ideal for smaller showers or bathtubs. They are also useful for those who need a little help but don't necessarily require a backrest. Despite their simplicity, they offer excellent stability and safety.

Bench without a Back

For those who don't need back support but want a seat larger than a stool, a shower bench without a back could be the best choice. They offer more space than a stool but less support than a chair with a backrest.

Transfer Benches

Transfer benches span the width of a bathtub and are ideal for those who have difficulty stepping into the shower. Users can sit on the bench outside the tub, then swing their legs over the tub wall while sliding into the shower.

Shower Chairs for Individual Needs

Post-Operative Hip Surgery

After hip surgery, patients may find it difficult to lower themselves into a standard shower chair. In this case, a shower bench spanning the tub width can be particularly helpful. The user can sit down on the outside edge and then slide over into the tub.

Tall Users

Tall users often require shower chairs with adjustable height settings to ensure comfortable seating. Look for models that provide sufficient legroom and whose height can be adjusted to match the user's stature.

Bariatric Weight Capacity

Individuals with higher body weights need chairs designed to support additional weight. Bariatric shower chairs are built with reinforced materials and structures to support higher-weight capacities safely.

Extra Transfer Assistance

A swivel seat can make a significant difference for users with limited mobility. The rotating seat allows easy transfer from the side to the showering position, reducing the amount of effort needed to get in and out of the tub.

Reclining Shower Chairs for Trunk Support

Individuals who might need  little help with their upper body find reclining shower chairs useful. These chairs provide a reclining backrest that supports the user, offering comfort and reducing the risk of slipping or sliding.

With Attendants

Shower and commode chairs can be particularly useful for individuals who use a wheelchair. Most models can be wheeled directly into a roll-in shower allowing for assistance by a caregiver.

Wheelchair Users

Transfer benches are a good option for wheelchair users with upper body strength. These models allow for an easy transfer from the wheelchair to the shower chair independently.

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