World Hypertension Day - May 17th 2018


Hypertension is billed as the largest epidemic known to mankind; frequently called the silent killer it is the leading cause of death worldwide. Hypertension – or abnormally high blood pressure – affects 7.5 million Canadians and 9 out of 10 people will develop high blood pressure in their lifetime. If left untreated it leads to heart attack, stroke, dementia and erectile dysfunction. It is a serious medical condition affecting every family in our community.

May, 17 2018 is World Hypertension Day

Join us as we strive to promote public awareness of hypertension,and encourage all citizens to prevent and control this silent killer.

Do you know your numbers?

Knowing your numbers is critical because hypertension has no symptoms, so frequently people are at risk without knowing it. Ongoing monitoring will ensure your blood pressure levels are kept in a healthy range.

Please help support this worldwide initiative, by joining us on May 17.  Approximately 1000 community pharmacies from coast-to coast-to coast will be hosting similar events. Contact your local Pharmacy for details.

About Your Numbers

One high reading does not necessarily indicate you have high blood pressure. It is natural for blood pressure to be higher than “optimal” during the middle of the day when blood pressure is most variable. If your numbers show a significantly high value, and you have not been previously diagnosed with hypertension, you should discuss this reading with a medical professional.

Understand your Numbers

Because your BP fluctuates throughout the day, your “real” BP is an average of several readings. Hypertension Canada recommends 2 morning measurements and 2 evening measurements for 7 days. The average after 7 days is your Blood Pressure. 

Your Numbers should be:

* Hypertension measured at home 135/85
* Hypertension measured at a physician’s office 140/90
* Hypertension measured at a physician’s office (diabetic patient) 130/80

AM Readings

Take two readings back to back first thing in the morning, after using the washroom, but before eating or drinking anything.

PM Readings

Take your two evening readings back to back, at least 30 minutes after eating or drinking anything, and at least 12 hours after your morning readings. 

Reading 1 Reading 2
Date Time Pulse Systolic Diastolic Systolic Diastolic

*[Source: Leung, Alexander A. et al. Hypertension Canada’s 2016 Canadian Hypertension Education Program

Guidelines for Blood Pressure Measurement, Diagnosis, Assessment of Risk, Prevention, and Treatment of Hypertension.
Can J Cardiol 2016; 32(5): 569-588.]


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