The Key to Getting Fit Again – Develop A Routine

If you’ve ever tried to start an exercise program after years of being on the sideline, you know the first few weeks are extremely tough. Statistically, most of us abandon our initial goals and end up back on the couch within a few weeks. But there are some specific steps you can take to break through and overcome getting stalled during your first month.

Research on motivation has identified that establishing a “pre-game ritual” is the key to successfully making exercise a regular part of your life:

1. Start by making a date with yourself. Put it into your calendar and keep your appointment, just as you would for an important meeting.

2. Establish you’re routine. The same pre-exercise rituals are important in cementing the exercise as a habit. Do the same thing EVERYTIME. This can be as simple as putting on your workout clothing or driving to the spot you’ll start your exercise from. These pre-game rituals should be simple and do not give you an opportunity to say “no”. You will be on autopilot once you start your routine in motion.

3. Make your initial goals achievable, but difficult enough that you know you have broken through the barrier when you reach them. This is a fundamental concept in your motivation to move to the next stage in your exercise program.

The health benefits of regular exercise are not in dispute. People, who regularly exercise 30-60 minutes, at least three times a week have significantly less cancer and cardiovascular events like strokes, or heart attacks. It’s not too late for you to start. Follow these simply steps. Commit to your commitment, and start with the same routine you will repeat every time you plan to exercise.

Author: Mark Beaton, Sr. Vice President - Marketing

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