Canadians with High Blood Pressure Beware of Covid 19

Over 7.5 million Canadians have high blood pressure (hypertension).

Analysis of other COVID-19 countries, including China have shown that individuals with hypertension or other heart related conditions are at higher risk of complications from Covid-19, including higher death rates. 

Although a full study and analysis of Covid-19 patients is far from complete, data from the National Health Commission of China revealed that 35% of patients had hypertension and 17% had heart disease. Hypertension was present in 48% of deaths and 13% of non-survivors had cardiovascular disease.(1)

What’s the connection to High Blood Pressure?

Covid-19 is predominately a respiratory disease, but the preliminary analysis indicates Covid-19 can damage your heart and cardiovascular system. The theory is that hypertension damages arteries and restricts blood flow to the heart causing it to work harder to maintain oxygenated blood supply. Overtime, this can weaken the heart and cause inflammation.

If you have Hypertension or Heart disease: 

  1. Self Isolate – your risk is directly related to other people you might contract it from.
  2. Measure your blood pressure at home – 4 x per day (2x in the morning, 2x in the evening).
  3. Keep your hypertension under control.
  4. Maintain all your medications and take them as prescribed.

For more information and tips on accurate home monitoring visit: How to take your blood pressure

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy

Author: Mark Beaton, Sr. VP of Marketing, BIOS Medical

  1. American Heart Association Journal. 10.1161/Circulation. Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Cardiovascular Disease. Kevin Clerkin


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