Porch Swing Buddies Puzzle Game
Porch Swing Buddies Puzzle Game - Dogs
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  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, Porch Swing Buddies Puzzle Game - Dogs

Porch Swing Buddies Puzzle

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These cute puppies and kittens sure seem to get along nicely! Which is your favourite? Did you have a pet? What kind of flowers are those? The included Discussion Guide helps you lead the conversation.

Using our unique sequencing guidance, even people with dementia or Alzheimer's who find puzzles too challenging can often complete these puzzles successfully. Use the laminated discussion guide to help you lead a fun and interesting discussion once the puzzle is complete.

The puzzle pieces and tray are color coded according to their placement on the puzzle – top, side, bottom, etc. Each group of pieces is presented to the person individually. By following the colored clues on the tray and the sequence of steps in the instructions, the person is guided to successfully place the pieces without help. 


  • Cognitive challenge
  • Color coding guides person to success
  • Pieces are divided into six groupings to adjust level of difficulty
  • Discussion guide helps lead conversation


  • 35 piece sequenced puzzle (14" x 10" completed)
  • Pieces color coded with corresponding storage bags
  • Laminated full color picture of completed puzzle
  • Discussion guide
  • Packaged in convenient plastic envelope
  • Instruction manual

Model: LF118