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Proper Wrist Monitoring

Proper cuff fit can be challenging for many patients.  This can be true not only for patients with mobility or strength issues, but also for patients with larger or very slender arms. For these patients, a wrist blood pressure monitor is a perfect alternative to a standard upper arm cuff reading

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Blood Pressure F.A.Q

What is blood pressure, what does it mean, how is it measured, can I control it? Find out the answers to these common questions and more.

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How to Take your Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can vary based on numerous factors, physiological conditions, and your surroundings. Follow these guidelines to obtain the most accurate reading.

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Monitoring your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can cause heart disease, stroke, dementia and kidney disease, and approximately 25% of Canadians have it. What exactly is hypertension, what does it mean, and what should you do?

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