Good2Go Microwaveable Moist Heat Neck/Cervical Collar Retail Packaging

GOOD2GO™ Microwavable Moist Heat Neck/Cervical Collar

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Microwavable heat packs provide moist heat to alleviate body stiffness and soreness. The outer fabric provides a vapour barrier to direct heat towards the body.  The patented non-allergenic crystal fill does not leak, smell or encourage the growth of fungus, and the porous surface traps up to 40% of it’s weight in atmospheric moisture for reliable moist heat therapy.


  • Outer multi-ply fabric includes a vapor barrier to direct maximum moist heat where you need it most.
  • Wide elastic Hook & Loop straps holds the heat therapy snug and secure against your skin with gentle compression. Holds pack in place while you continue regular activities.
  • Cloud-soft fleece pile cover gently pillows painful tissues in soothing comfort.


  • Dimensions: 5" x 16" / 13 x 41 cm

Model: LF921