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BIOS Living Compression Pump
BIOS Living Compression Pump in use on leg
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BIOS Living Compression Pump

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The BIOS Living Compression Pump is a breakthrough medical device that has been clinically proven to increase circulation, prevent blood clots, and treat many other medical conditions.

This pump is battery powered and is worn on the back of the leg, approximately 2” below the knee. When turned on, a unique wave motion continually propels blood upwards, increasing lower leg circulation by 88%. The result is a substantial reduction in pain and swelling, cramping and numbness, especially in the lower legs and feet.

The BIOS Living Compression Pump was designed to address serious medical conditions that arise from poor circulation. 

Helps the following conditions:

  • Alleviates swollen, sore legs, ankles and feet
  • Prevents blood clots
  • Treats cramping, burning and tired calves
  • Reduces pain and aching from varicose veins
  • Reduces risk of blood clots on long-haul flights and after surgery
  • Reduces swelling and  “heavy legs” in the lower legs and feet due to poor circulation


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Warranty: The BIOS Living Compression Pump is backed by a Full One Year Manufacturer's Warranty against product defects.



Model: 62003