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BIOS Diagnostics Precision Blood Pressure Monitor

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The 3GX1-5X is a fully automatic, digital, blood pressure measuring device with a unique fuzzy logic technology as well as patented MAM and PAD technologies. It can store up to 198 blood pressure readings for 2 users.


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It provides a fast and reliable measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as heart rate using the oscillometric measurement method.

The ideal time to measure your blood pressure is in the morning just after you wake up, before breakfast and any physical activity, and in the absence of the urge to urinate. If this is not possible, try to take the measurements later in the morning, before you start any physical activity. Relax for a few minutes before you record your blood pressure.

• Your blood pressure increases or decreases under the following circumstances:

• Blood pressure is higher than normal:

— when you are excited, nervous, or tense

— while taking a bath

— during and after exercise or strenuous physical activity

— when it is cold

— within one hour after meals

— after drinking tea, coffee, or other caffeinated drinks

— after smoking tobacco

— when your bladder is full


Blood pressure is lower than normal:

— after consuming alcohol

— after taking a bath

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Model # 3GX1-5X
Cuff Size 22-42 cm or 8.75” - 16.5”
Number of Users 2
Memory 198