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Compression Pump F.A.Q.

For most users, alleviating pain and swollen legs is enough, but the BIOS Compression Pump is a Class II medical device with many medical applications:
  • Alleviates Swollen, Sore Legs, Ankles and Feet (PTS - Post Thrombotic Syndrome)
  • Prevents Blood Clots (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
  • Treats Cramping, Burning and Tired Calves (Intermittent Claudication and Peripheral Arterial Disease)
  • Improves Symptoms of Varicose Veins
  • Treatment of Chronic Venous Insufficiency
  • Long Journeys Syndrome (Economy Class Syndrome)
  • Reduces Recovery Time After Exercise

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: How long can I wear the BIOS Compression Pump?

Answer: Most find 4-6 hours per day works well; however if you are experiencing major swelling or pain the pump can be worn 24 hours per day.

Question 2: What is the tingling, numb or warm rush I noticed when I first put on the device?

Answer: It is very common to have these unusual sensations when you first start
using the BIOS Compression Pump. Not everyone will feel this; it is the feeling of the circulation increasing in your legs.

Question 3: Can anyone wear the BIOS Compression Pump?

Answer: The BIOS Compression Pump is safe to wear by most people. It is not
recommended that the medical grade neoprene wrap, COVER an existing open sore - but it is still very good to use the BIOS Compression Pump if you have ulcers on the foot and ankles or in areas not touching the wrap.

The unit is also not recommended for use during an acute DVT (blood clot). If diagnosed with a DVT recently, please check with your doctor before using the BIOS Compression Pump.

Question 4: How tight do I have to wear the BIOS Compression Pump?

Answer: The straps do not have to be very tight; we recommend you wear the device comfortably and just tight enough to prevent the pump from slipping down your leg while wearing it.

Question 5: Where is the best place on the leg to place the BIOS Compression Pump?

Answer: Place the compression pump approximately 2 inches below the crease on the back of the knee, on the meatiest part of your calf.

Question 6: Which setting should I use?

Answer: The BIOS Compression Pump has 2 settings. The fastest setting (second setting) should be used most often and the quiet setting (first setting) is designed for meetings or other circumstances when a low level of noise is preferred.