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Choosing The Right Mobility Device

Movement and flexibility can often be enhanced by use of a mobility device. Choosing the right device is the first step to regaining independence and improving quality of life. Without the proper device, mobility limitations can begin to interfere with activities in the home, work, family or social community.

Your healthcare provider will prescribe the device that best meets your needs, whether it is a basic or a more advanced device. An individual with steady disease progression may start off with the basic mobility devices and lead up to more high-tech advanced mobility aids.

The environment in which an individual plans to use their device will have a major impact on product selection: activities in the home, at work, or in the community may all require a different type of mobility aid.  


For a complete list of Mobility Products please CLICK HERE 

This guide will help you understand which mobility device is suitable for you:



Canes are useful when you need a bit of support while walking to assist with balance or to stand upright (not intended to support full body weight). Quad canes are better suited for people who require greater support while walking, but are also not intended to support for full body weight. Canes are lightweight, durable and reduce stress on the hand and wrist. Canes also come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your needs.











Walkers are designed for people requiring extra support. The U-shaped design enables users to bring the walker close to assist in standing. Walkers include comfortable hand grips, adjustable handle height and lightweight aluminum frames.












Rollators are sturdier than standard walkers, allowing the user to sit down if fatigued. Rollators are lightweight and best suited for people who have moderate difficulties with walking or balance.













Wheelchairs are best suited for individuals who are unable to walk or can only walk a very short distance. There are multiple kinds of wheelchairs and accessories available to suit your needs.