Match the Dots

  • $24.00

It looks like dominoes, and it uses dominoes as the base, but Match the Dots is much more. At the most basic level, it allows the person with dementia or Alzheimer's to become reacquainted with a fondly remembered pastime. The feel of the tiles and the sound as they hit the table and each other help trigger pleasant memories. Because they are familiar, it is easier for the person to relate to the activities.

By following the steps detailed in the instructions you will learn how to use the included templates to progress through successively more challenging tasks, potentially leading to playing the game of dominoes.


  • Cognitive challenge
  • Helps with dexterity
  • Triggers pleasant memories


  • "Double Six" domino set (28 tiles) with tiles pre-sorted into 2 bags
  • Laminated templates
  • Instruction manual
Model: Language:
LF106 English
LF111 French