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Medical Research

"...has the potential to help anyone whose symptoms are caused by sluggish blood flow in the veins of the leg..."
Dr. Jack Hirsh
Medical Director of the Hamilton Civic Hospital Research Centre, McMaster University

"I think in individuals with chronic leg swelling [the device] can be very helpful to prevent end of the day leg swelling"
- Dr. Sonia Anand
Director of Vascular Medicine, McMaster University
"The advantage is obvious, because for people who have no other option, other than amputation, it saves them..."
- Dr. Perry Mayer
Medical Director of The Mayer Institute



The BIOS Living compression pump has been thoroughly tested and proven effective in numerous clinical studies. 
"A very promising new therapy"
Study: Evaluation of a venous-return assist device to treat severe post thrombotic syndrome. Read more
"Reduced the risk of VTE by 79%"
Study: Randomized controlled trial of a new portable calf compression device. Read more
"In common fermoral PVF there was a 88% increase after 50 minutes."
Study: Venous-return assists device to address chronic insuffiency conditions. Read more