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Using the Device

bios living compression pump strap

Securing the Device


The Compression Pump comes with a “one–size-fits-all” medical grade neoprene strap.


Users can simply cut the neoprene to the appropriate size using scissors. 



Putting the device on only takes a few seconds.


1.       Use the Velcro tabs/straps to secure the pump to the calf area, with the top of the pump 2” below the back of the knee.


2.       The device does not have to be worn tightly, only tension the strap enough to hold the pump in position so it will not fall down the leg when walking.




bios living compression pump batteries




The Compression Pump comes with two rechargeable “AA” batteries and a charger.  On a full charge the batteries will last 8-12 hours depending on how tight the device has been strapped to the leg.


Batteries should be charged for 8 hours.


The BIOS Living Compression Pump is designed to be worn all day and at night if necessary.  It can be worn comfortably while walking, sitting or lying down.  





bios living compression pump leg



How Long to Wear the Compression Pump

The BIOS Living Compression Pump should be worn for as long as is needed to bring the swelling under control. Swelling and chronic pain from poor circulation (medically referred to as Chronic Venous Insufficiency) is quite common, but the severity of the condition has 6 classifications and varies widely between individuals.

The BIOS Living Compression Pump will alleviate this condition but how long you wear it for depends on individual severity; how much swelling there is and the condition on the individual's venous system (veins and valves). Some people have releif after a few hours of use, but those with severe CVI will wear it for several hours to reduce swelling. There are no harmful effects from wearing the pump.