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BIOS Living Compression Pump

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The BIOS Living Compression Pump is a breakthrough medical device that has been clinically proven to increase circulation. Our device features a unique wave motion technology that continuously propels blood upwards, resulting in a significant decrease in lower leg pain, swelling, cramping and numbness.



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BIOS Living compression pump benefits


The BIOS Living Compression Pump is battery powered. It is worn on the back of the leg, approximately 2” below the knee. When turned on, a unique wave motion continually propels blood upwards, increasing lower leg circulation by 88%. The result is a substantial reduction in pain and swelling, especially in the lower legs and feet.



The BIOS Compression Pump was designed to address serious medical conditions that arise from poor circulation. It is a Class II medical device approved by Health Canada for the following medical conditions:


• Alleviates Swollen, Sore Legs, Ankles and Feet

• Prevents Blood Clots

• Treats Cramping, Burning and Tired Calves

Reduces pain and achingfrom Varicose Veins


Reduces risk of blood clots on long-haul flights and after surgery

Reduces swelling and  “heavy legs” in the lower legs and feet due to poor circulation



Warranty: The BIOS Living Compression Pump is backed by a Full One Year Manufacturer's Warranty against product defects



Please visit our DEALER LOCATOR if you wish to check out the BIOS Living compression in store. 

Call us at 1-800-268-1325 for more information. 

Clinically Proven Relief 


The BIOS Living Compression Pump has been clinically proven to increase circulation and relieve or alleviate the following conditions:





Chronic Swelling and pain- Swelling in the lower legs and feet is frequently related to a medical condition called “Venous Insufficiency” (VI).  The condition varies in severity, but affects 40-50% of the adult population. The cause of poor circulation is the inability of the body’s natural pump(a combination of calf muscles and valves in the veins)  to circulate blood out of the lower legs and feet. A quick way to determine whether one has VI is that the swelling subsides when you put your feet up.


The severity of the condition ranges from extreme – when sores are forming on the feet and lower legs, to swelling that increases throughout the day when people are standing for long periods.


The BIOS Living Compression Pump will reduce pain and swelling in both these conditions , but severe cases require more time for the device to pump and improve circulation. 




Pain and aching Varicose Veins -  the constant aching from varicose veins occurs when veins lose their elasticity and become dilated. This occurs when the pressure of blood against gravity causes the valve cusps to leak blood.  When this happens blood is unable to escape and the pressure and pain worsens.  In these situations the natural musclovenous pump is not working effectively.  The BIOS Living Compression Pump replaces the body’s natural pump and increases circulation in the lower legs.  By moving blood out of the lower leg, the pain and aching from varicose veins is alleviated. 






Deep Vein Thrombasis (DVT) – a DVT is a blood clot that forms in the deep veins of leg due to insufficient blood circulation.  The risk of DVT is very high following major surgery, prolonged sitting (economy class syndrome), and long periods when legs are not moving and the musclovenous pump cannot circulate blood.  If a DVT dislodges into the blood stream it can result in Pulmonary Embolism (when it travels to the lung, blocking the oxygen supply,  causing heart failure).


The BIOS Living Compression Pump was designed specifically to prevent DVT’s from occurring.  The unique wave motion effectively circulates blood out of the lower legs, preventing the potential for a clot.  The BIOS Living Compression Pump can be easily worn on long haul flights and after surgery when patients cannot move easily.  It is frequently prescribed for post-surgery  use for patients that have hips or knee’s replaced, or patients that are unable to use blood thinners to address DVT formation.


For a full list of conditions treated by the BIOS Living Compression Pump Click Here

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How Long to Wear the Compression Pump

The BIOS Living Compression Pump should be worn for as long as is needed to bring the swelling under control swelling and chronic pain from poor circulation (medically referred to as Chronic Venous Insufficiency) is quite common, but the severity of the condition has 6 classifications and varies widely between individuals

The BIOS Living Compression Pump will alleviate this condition but how long you wear it for depends on individual severity; how much swelling there is and the condition on the individual's venous system (veins and valves). Some people have releif after a few hours of use, but those with severe CVI will wear it for several hours to reduce swelling. There are no harmful effects from wearing the pump     


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Customer Reviews

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I wear them every day Review by Shirley
I have been suffering for years with swollen legs and ankles due to poor circulation. A friend of mine recommended I try the BIOS Compression Pumps. I have not gone a day without wearing them since. My legs are remarkably better and it truly has given me a new lease on life. Without the pain and swelling I once had, I have been able to resume tasks and become much more active

(Posted on 2016-02-23)
Quickly reduced swelling post knee surgery Review by Terri
I used the compression pump after my ACL surgery . I was astounded at how quickly the swelling went down and I was able to start physio...I barely missed a beat in my athletic endeavours!! I would highly recommend the pump for anyone recovering from knee surgery. (Posted on 2016-02-15)
Continually improving Mom's condition Review by D.H
I wanted to write in on behalf of my mother Edna and her experience with the Bios Compression Pump. My mother is 85 years - has circulation issue and arthritis - she will not wear compression stocking at all due to difficulty in putting on and pure vanity.

She and my father are both 85 - part of their social interaction is a weekly trip to the mall. They go weekly - sit and chat - pick up a few necessities and talk some more - having lived in this area for 55+ years - they always run into someone to talk with. My sisters and I noticed they had stopped going. Not only is a trip to the mall of necessity is it also a social and physical outing.

On questioning my mother, she admitted it was pain in her legs and ankles- both while walking and after. We purchased the compression pump and had her try it. She quickly got used to wearing it during the day while cleaning or cooking and in the evening while settled down knitting.

By day 6 she was seeing an improvement and although not walking the full mall was able to do the larger store she likes.

By day 13 she was back to her routine of once a week and the areas of the mall they enjoy. That was almost 6 months ago.

Mom continues to see improved desire for an outing, less to almost no pain and overall so very happy with the results of the pump.

I cant say enough how pleased we are (Posted on 2016-02-14)

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