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Wearsafe - 2 year subscription

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Wearsafe is a modern, mobile personal panic button. Once you press it, a Bluetooth-paired app sends an alert to your preferred contact. Want to find a Wearsafe manufacturer in Canada? Try BIOS Medical. 

Wearsafe for fall or security emergencies  

BIOS Medical offers Wearsafe in Canada to make your world a safer place. You could need help after a fall or if you have a security concern at home. BIOS Medical offers a two-year or lifetime subscription to Wearsafe. How does Wearsafe work?

To use Wearsafe, you must have Bluetooth® access for the app. It could be Android phones with Bluetooth® low energy technology, iPhone 4’s or newer, an iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular or an iPod touch (5th generation or newer) with Wi-Fi + Cellular.

Wear the waterproof Tag (or button) on your person via clip or ring attachments. When you need help, press the button, and the app sends an alert to your emergency contacts. Your real-time GPS location is sent no matter where you are. On-scene audio is activated so your emergency contacts can hear what is going on. 

Then the group chat option allows you to have a conversation with your emergency contact, if possible. It may be a family member or the emergency services. Wearsafe is a practical safety measure for people with aging parents, those suffering from chronic health conditions, families, solo athletes and more. 

RCMP tips on security in the home  

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in a ‘Seniors Guidebook to Safety and Security’ offers these tips for security in the home.

  • Keep all entrances and garages well-lit at night.
  • Install good locks and always use them.
  • Install a wide-angle viewer in your front door that allows you to see visitors before you open the door.
  • Never open the door to strangers without credentials.

BIOS Medical has been taking care of Canadians for over three generations. We are a Wearsafe manufacturer and accept payment via PayPal, GPay and ShopPay. Buy Wearsafe online from BIOS Medical today.