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Universal No-Bend Aid

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BIOS Medical manufactures dressing aids and understands that with age, dressing every day might be challenging. Most mature adults experience a decline in fine motor control and hand-eye coordination. With the right dressing aid, these challenges are well managed.

Dressing aids make everyday dressing easier 

If you are looking for dressing aids in Canada, BIOS Medical can be of assistance. But what are some of the products offered?

  • The Vivi Pocket Dresser is an all-in-one dressing aid that contains four tools in one. The tools fold away neatly when not in use. This pocket dresser can pull up or pry out buried zipper tabs. It is ideal for undoing shoelaces and small or delicate shirt collar buttons. It also easily handles thick denim jean buttons. The Vivi Pocket Dresser has a pocket clip and a quick-release hand strap. 
  • The Sock Horse Sock Aid is 45.5 centimetres or 18 inches long and allows you to put on socks quickly, without rope handles. It is two tools in one, as it serves as a sock aid and a shoehorn. This tool does not stretch out socks as only the top of the sock goes into the grip.
  • This dressing aid is designed with an extra-long handle, ribbed thumb grips and an ergonomic hand contour. It is handy for people with back, knee, or hip problems and those that are overweight. The Sock Horse Sock Aid tool is also excellent for pregnant women.
  • The Button Hook & Zipper Pull makes button and zipper fastening easy. It has a stainless-steel hook at the one end for one-handed dressing. The hook is passed through the buttonhole and over the button to grip it. Then the button is pulled through the buttonhole.

BIOS Medical is a dressing aids manufacturer in Canada. We accept payment via PayPal, GPay and ShopPay. Buy dressing aids online from BIOS Medical today.