Bios Living Heavy Duty Reach and Grip

  • $27.99

With the Heavy Duty Reach and Grip you can pick up small and large items securely with minimal finger flexing. The extra-wide jaws with suction cups have a strong hold on objects. The reacher also has a lightweight heavy duty aluminum shaft and an ergonomic handle for easy use. Perfect for seniors, people with Arthritis, Motor Neurone Disease or post-operative.

  • Made of high quality light weight aluminum.
  • Rotates 360 degrees. 
  • Length: 34" / 86cm

The Heavy Duty Reach and Grip works like an extension of your arm allowing you to reach down and pick things up off the ground without bending, stooping or leaning over. It can also help with reaching and grabbing things in high overhead places, as well as areas that are difficult to get to without straining.

Model: 57045

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