Blood Pressure Monitors

For many Canadians, monitoring blood pressure at home is an important part of healthy living. In order to obtain accurate, reliable readings it is very important to choose the monitor that is right for you.

Cuff size: Upper arm blood pressure monitors come with cuffs that you need to wrap around your arm. If this cuff is not sized properly you will not be able to obtain accurate readings. Most BIOS Diagnostics Blood pressure kits come with a wide range cuffs to ensure you end up with the right fit and obtain reliable readings every time. 

Users: Will you be the only one using the monitor or will you be sharing it with a family member? 

Memory: All of our Blood Pressure Monitors feature at least 60 sets of memory. This helps you track your progress on the way to healthy blood pressure levels. The more memory the unit stores the easier it will be to track your progress. 

Averaging: Several of our units take an average of 3 consecutive readings. Averaging blood pressure readings is a common medical practice to evaluate blood pressure more accurately and helps reduce errors due to (external factors). 

Morning averaging: Heart attacks and strokes occur more frequently in the morning. This feature averages morning readings between 4 am and 12pm to identify morning hypertension 

BP Assessment Indicator: Each reading is assessed according the World Health Organization’s classification for blood pressure. This can help you identify when your blood pressure is reaching unhealthy levels and should be discussed with your doctor. 

Irregular Heartbeat Detection: This technology screens for heart arrhythmias which can potentially lead to stroke 

Atrial Fibrillation Detection: This is the most technologically advanced method for detecting heart arrhythmias. Left undetected, these arrhythmias can cause blood to pool in the atria, resulting in clots that can break off and travel to the brain, causing a stroke. The BIOS Diagnostics 3MS1-4K  is the only blood pressure monitor on the market that can detect this form of arrhythmia.