BIOS Diagnostics Protocol® 7D MII - BD245

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Determine Your “Real Average” Blood Pressure with Protocol

To determine your “real average” blood pressure, it is important to measure early in the morning and at least one hour after dinner. The BIOS Protocol 7D is specifically designed to help patients follow Hypertension Canada’s recommendation to take measurements in the morning and evening for 7 days.

At the users option, the device can be switched to “7 Day Mode”, which prompts users to take the BP readings at the proper times, and provides the proper averaging over 7 days. Following this protocol allows physicians to diagnose, and treat your hypertension more effectively.

This blood pressure monitor can connect via Bluetooth to current Android and IOS devices. The BIOS “BP Tool Box” APP enables users to send secure data to a physician for interpretation and diagnosis. Users can set reminders to take their readings at the proper times. You and doctor can view specific time period, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days or 1 year of data, in table or graph form. Register for the Free BP ToolBox APP.  All information cannot be modified and is secure.

By following the 7 Day Protocol you can determine your “real” average blood pressure levels with high certainty which can be used by a medical professional to diagnose and accurately manage hypertension.


  • Bluetooth with Free BP Toolbox app
  • Red LED backlight
  • Averages last 3 readings
  • BP assessment indicator
  • 2 users x 90 memories
  • Wide Range Cuff: 24-43 cm 
  • Includes AC/DC Adapter and will run on "AA" batteries
  • 10 year warranty
  • Recommended by Hypertension Canada (Silver)
Additional information:
  • Looking for a replacement wide range cuff? Click here
  • A/C adapter for this model is available here
  • Instruction booklet available here

Model: BD245


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