President Gary Reed visits our Manufacturing Facilities in Summer 2016

For three Generations BIOS Medical has been dedicated to manufacturing state-of-the-art Blood Pressure Monitors. Continuing with that tradition, our executive team makes regular trips to our manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China.


Our quest for perfection has involved countless hours of testing and refining these products, which we are proud to offer.




President Gary Reed inspects development process of chip boards Manufacturing Facilities – Summer 2016BIOS products are manufactured responsibly in China. From a product perspective, we believe that it is our responsibility to monitor production methods and maintain the highest quality standard for all BIOS products. Our Quality Assurance personnel inspect every production run at the factory.


At the same time, we believe that our affiliate factories are ethically run and are law abiding manufacturers. We inspect the facilities, and meet with the owners of our factories several times a year. All of our factories are expected to pass audits carried out by third-party independent  auditors.


Canadian team tours Manufacturing Facility in Summer 2016


We believe that manufacturers’ interaction with BIOS, result in better more ethically run factories. Our influence has made a difference in the working lives of many; because we demand it, and our customers expect it. 


 Blood Pressure Monitors being tested for Quality Assurance



Our origins began in the 1930’s as Taylor Instrument Companies of Canada Ltd., a manufacturer of professional blood pressure equipment for hospitals and clinics, along with thermometers, barometers and other scientific instruments.


In the late 1970’s we introduced the first blood pressure monitor for “home-use” and followed later with Canada’s first digital monitor. In 1987, Thermor Limited acquired Taylor Canada and BIOS Diagnostics was born, and has continued at the forefront of innovation in home medical products for 30 years.


Today, we offer over 2000 BIOS Medical products including aids-to-daily living, mobility aids, products for dementia, patient safety aids and exercise therapy items.  Our products can be found at most major retailers, pharmacies and home health care stores in Canada.