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Bathroom Safety

  • Bathroom Safety


Preventing falls in the bathroom is the #1 priority for seniors staying in their home.


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Although a fall can occur anywhere, most falls occur at home.

More than one in three seniors over age 65 suffers a fall each year, and most of these falls occur in the bathroom as a result of slippery surfaces.*

Fortunately, you have the power to reduce the risk of fall. Falls in the bathroom can be significantly reduced by:

• Installing a shower or bathtub catered to the needs of seniors
• Installing grab bars close to toilets and in showers and bathtubs
• Using non-slip mats or treads in shower or bathroom floors
• Consider placing a stool or shower chair in the shower stall
• Ensure towels, soap and shampoo are easy to reach


Our bathroom accessories were designed to increase your comfort, stability and security in the bathroom.

*Public Health Agency of Canada.