Thermometer Calibration

  1. Fill container with crushed ice (cubes will not be effective)
  2. Fill container with cold water to the same level or slightly higher than the crushed ice
  3. Refill the container with additional crushed ice, the solution should be thick with ice
  4. Stir the ice slurry for approximately one minute with the probe, avoid touching the sides and bottom of the container
  5. Verify the reading on the thermometer is 32ºF or 0ºC
  6. Once the temperature reading has stopped moving and the unit is still out of calibration, use the calibration wrench to move the dial to 32ºF or 0ºC 
  7. For digital thermometers, once the reading has stabilized, please use the (CAL) button on the thermometer

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Thermometer
• Not calibrating the thermometer
• Not immersing the entire sensing area into the product
• Not taking the readings in thickest portion of food
• Failing to stir product prior to taking temperatures
• Touching the side or bottom of the cooking container
• Failing to allow thermometer to level off
• Failing to wash and sanitize thermometer prior to use